Joseph T. Rouzan, III

President and CEO

A highly accomplished executive who served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VSEDC (Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation) for several years. VSEDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic growth and creating opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Throughout his tenure as CEO, Joseph Rouzan III implemented innovative strategies and initiatives that propelled VSEDC’s mission forward. His strong leadership skills, coupled with his deep understanding of economic development and community empowerment, allowed him to successfully drive impactful programs that facilitated job creation, small business growth, and access to capital for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Joseph Rouzan III’s passion for community development and commitment to leveling the playing field for marginalized individuals and businesses was evident in every project he undertook. Under his guidance, VSEDC became widely recognized as a leading force in fostering economic equity and social change in the region.

With an extensive background in business and finance, Joseph Rouzan III played a pivotal role in leveraging partnerships and securing funding to support VSEDC’s initiatives. His strategic vision and ability to cultivate relationships with key stakeholders resulted in numerous collaborations with government agencies, corporations, and community organizations.

Joseph Rouzan III’s dedication to social impact extended beyond his role at VSEDC. He actively participated in various boards and committees focused on economic empowerment and community development. He is known for his unwavering commitment to addressing systemic barriers and creating economic opportunities that uplift disadvantaged communities.

Today, Joseph Rouzan III continues to inspire and advocate for economic equity and inclusive growth. His expertise and insights are sought after by organizations and individuals looking to make a positive impact on underserved communities. Through his work, he continues to leave a lasting legacy by empowering individuals and businesses to thrive and contribute to the broader society.

Prior to his leadership at VSEDC, Joe’s career spanned 29 years with the City of Los Angeles, thirteen with the Economic and Workforce Development Department as the Director of Small Business Programs and sixteen with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Joe has also served as the Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff of the Brotherhood Crusade and General Manager of both the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and Hawthorne Malls.